Earth 2 version of Rick Reynolds


Origin & History: Rick Reynolds always knew he wanted to serve the public as some sort of policeman.  To that end he joined the Chicago Police Department as soon as he was old enough.  However, he was disillusioned by the staggering amount of corruption and graft that was present.  When Elliot Ness and his Untouchables came to town, Rick knew they were men who would get the job done.  He immediately joined up and used his knowledge of the area to their advantage.

This form of “public service” did not make him terribly popular among Chicago’s criminal Underworld and like many of the Untouchables, Rick found himself, bribed, coerced, and eventually threatened with death.  None of this dissuaded him from his assigned task.  When one mobster tried to make good on the threat, Rick and his wife Myra narrowly avoided death (the bullets hit a passing milk wagon).  In fact, Ness & Reynolds were eventually able to arrest the mobster for attempted murder.

After Prohibition ended, Rick found himself without a job, but with an urge to continue to protect his loved ones, and those in the city around him.  He felt it was a man’s duty to serve his country in this manner.  He opened a detective agency, and began righting wrongs one at a time.

Much like the rest of America he was minding his own business when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  That same week, some strange and colorful men & women with strange abilities appeared and claimed that America would need to dig in and fight another world war.  Rick took it all in stride until some of these people came to see him.  They explained that they were from a future Earth (or another Earth in the future or something) and that on that world Rick was a hero, just like they were right down to the colorful costume.  Rick thought that was quite unbelievable.  They mentioned that he might be in some sort of danger since someone seemed to be tracking down the folks (apparently Rick wasn’t the only one) who were “heroes” on this other Earth and killing them.

A few months later, Rick had no choice but to reconsider his incredulity, for that’s when his kitchen exploded with the sort of fireball that seemed, well, otherworldly in nature.  He decided then and there that if he and Myra were in danger for something he hadn’t done, he might as well and go do the thing.  He sought out this Miss Templar, and asked what he needed to do.  And AirDevil was born a few days later.  He now serves with the Liberty League with distinction, if still some skepticism.

Personality: Rick Reynolds often comes across as very serious.  His career has made him such.  He’s a policeman in his heart with all that entails.  Sometimes even friendly questions come out sounding like an interrogation.  He’s had some trouble making the adjustment to wearing a bright colored costume and soaring above the crowds, but he’s learning.  More than anything he’s surprised at the reaction the public has had; accepting even embracing these new beings and their agenda.

Though he doesn’t always show it, Rick cares very deeply for his family and friends and for his country – he would gladly give his life in defense of any of them.  That more than anything else makes him a hero.

Appearance: As AirDevil, Rick wears a pilot’s outfit, though the jacket is scarlet in color.  The helmet and much of the rest of the outfit (gloves, boots, pants, etc.) are black.  The jet pack is a gleaming silver, and with the wings extended they span about 10 feet, making getting through doors very difficult…


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