Beverly Marek

Powerful Telekenetic and Telepath & Earth 2 version of Templar's maternal Grandmother


Origin: Beverly Marek has always felt an urge to help others.  Thus, her training as a nurse seemed like a logical career choice.  It was a coupling of a sense of adventure and a feeling of duty when she answered the call of Uncle Sam, and she enlisted in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC).  She shipped off to London to help out the Allies.  Then one day in the summer of 1942, she was witness to a traffic accident.  Moving to help out, she encountered Linda Taylor (a.k.a. Templar) and her entire world changed.  She’s not sure yet, but she thinks changed for the better.

After she got over the initial shock of having all these incredible abilities and “powers,” she began to look to Templar and these other new heroes, like Atomic Girl, Major Victory and the many others, and considered all the good she might be able to do for the world.  She’s still considering her place in this new scheme of things, but things are looking up.

Personality: “Caring” is probably the first word that comes to mind when describing Beverly.  There is more to her, of course, and those that spend some time with her will learn to appreciate her wry sense of humor, optimism, and sense of purpose.  But the caring nature of her personality – the genuine way in which she listens to others problems, and wants to help, comes through in an almost overwhelming way.

Appearance: Beverly is a very attractive young blonde, who when not in uniform, wears as many current fashions as her budget allows.  She wears her blonde hair like Veronica Lake when circumstances permit.  Her costume is a red top, with blue gauze-like sleeves, a star-spangled skirt, and red stockings (and boots).

Other Notes: Beverly is not entirely sure what to make of Linda Taylor… it’s difficult for her to imagine herself a grandmother when she doesn’t even have a steady beau.  But she knows Linda is telling the truth (from her reality), and Beverly realizes there are possibilities that she’d otherwise never have considered.  She’s growing to love Linda like a sister.

Beverly Marek

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