Kid Thunder

The Mighty Immortal


Origin & History: In order to understand Kid Thunder, one must first understand David Danvers.  Dave grew up in a small town in the Middle America.  His lifelong rival was Anna Anderson.  They grew up together and spent their childhood and school careers competing.  Academically and on the debate team, youth sports, school drama, theirs was a cordial but bitter rivalry.  And it always seemed as though Anna would beat him.  Not that this deterred Dave.  If anything the competition was the most potent attraction either of them felt towards anyone (though it would take some time before either one them admitted it).  They both went to the same university, and both went into Archaeology programs together.  It was in college that they confessed their love for one another.

Though this did nothing to diminish their rivalry.  Never had it been fiercer than for a coveted summer program at Oxford.  And again, Anna won.  Dave swallowed back the resentment he felt and wished her the best.  When older student in the program came down with Mono and had to vacate his spot, Dave debated internally whether he should take it.  His academic curiosity won out in the end, and to Oxford he went.  He and Anna quickly reconciled and went on to newer rivalries abroad.  On Midsummer’s Eve, Dave Danvers and Anna Anderson were witness to the bizarre ritual of a neo-Celtic cult trying to summon Taranis the Thunderer (Celtic God of the Storm) to Stonehenge.  The attempt went awry, and in an attempt to protect Anna, he shoved her out of the way and took a bolt of magical electricity, which channeled the power of the god into Dave, granting him the ability to transform into a super-powerful form.  No loss he experienced in their competitions over the years, could compare with how Anna now felt…

At first unsure of what to do, Dave eventually became Kid Thunder, one of the premiere super-heroes of recent years.  Anna stayed with Dave for a time, actively becoming an expert on Avatars throughout history.  However, she could not put aside her resentment and the more she learned the more she subconsciously and consciously resented how Dave had “beaten” her on their most important contest.  The entire thing came to a head when she was taken hostage by Supersonic (who has always expressed an attraction to Kid Thunder).  While he was able to save the day and Anna, the strain was too much for their partnership.  They haven’t spoken in a year and Dave has taken more to his Kid Thunder identity as a result.

One of the most powerful heroes around (since the Second Martian Invasion depopulated the super-hero community), he is, in fact, one of the most powerful being on the planet.  Although a kid no more, Thunder is still a pillar in the metahuman community, an individual all respect and look up to.

Personality: When he started his career, Danvers was a smart-mouthed kid out to do some good and have some fun.  During the course of time, he has learned the lessons of responsibility all too well.  While he is still flippant and willing to speak his mind, he is becoming an elder statesman in the super-hero community and takes his responsibilities very seriously.  He almost fell during the capture of Dr. Ragnarok (in 1992), and while he recovered from his injuries, he contemplated the state of heroes in the world (so many having been lost in the two Martian Invasions) and he realized his significance. This, coupled with his history with Anna, began his transformation into the person he is now.  He understands just how powerful he is, and understands the responsibility that goes along with that.  He has also begun to notice the first hint of the mortality of his “normal” body, which has continued to age while his “other” body remains young (and while subconscious, he finds he transforms back to Dave Danvers less frequently than he once did).  While he’s been in the “business” for 10 years he is still occasionally treated as though he has yet to “grown up,” and is beginning (again, subconsciously) to resent people for it.

Appearance: Dave Danvers is a fairly handsome man of in his early 30s.  While he is beginning to gray at the temples, this just makes him look more distinguished in his trademark tweed jackets; his appearance screams professor.  As Kid Thunder, he is a physical powerhouse, big but well defined, superhumanly handsome, with a costume of blue, silver and white (including cape).  Beyond his actual appearance, anyone who meets him will immediately sense the aura of power that surrounds him, a palpable thing, and marks him as somehow uncontrollable and dangerous, a primal force of nature.  When angry (which he rarely is, since he controls his emotions so well), his eyes will crackle with blue electricity, and when in an extreme emotional state, the crackling energy may cover his whole body.

Kid Thunder

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