The Crimson Crusader


Origin & History: A third-generation hero, Linda has been in training to become Templar all her life (despite the protests of her mother, who doesn’t want to see her get killed, and her younger brother, who thinks that he should be Templar).  Linda has been given every advantage, having been trained by her grandfather, her father before his death, and any number of their associates, but she now has quite a bit to live up to.  As soon as she graduated from college (as her father mandated), she donned her costume and became an active part of her family’s heroic legacy.  After a brief solo career, she was asked by Raven to join the Champions.  She accepted, but before she could move to Angel City, Connie Fortune approached her and asked her to lead the new Sentinels of Justice.  Templar wrestled with these two options briefly and finally apologized to Raven, and accepted Connie’s offer.  She had been dividing her time between San Francisco and Las Vegas, where someone with her face and costume is committing crimes.  Now she leads the Sentinels on their strangest adventure yet…

Personality: Linda is everything a good hero should be: intelligent, compassionate, personable, fair and witty.  Unfortunately, she can also be obsessive, single-minded, and too driven.  She is aware that she is considered to be super-hero “royalty” and takes her responsibilities very seriously.  Although she has been training for this job for her entire life, she is terribly afraid of failure (so much so that she has trouble sleeping most nights), and, if given the choice, will not enter a situation until she has had time to assess it and determine that she won’t do anything that would make her look foolish.  Linda feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she would never let anyone else know that, because that’s not how a hero or a leader is supposed to behave.  To the world at large, Templar appears to be a happy-go-lucky young soul who is having the time of her life, and Linda takes the responsibility of presenting this image very seriously (one of the many things her father taught her).  She endeavors to lead the team in a passive manner, giving commands when needed, but more giving direction as people look to her.  She tries to put the needs of the team as a unit above those of individual members.  For example, it makes sense for Major Victory to be the Tactical Commander, because he has more experience in that area than Templar.

Appearance: Linda Taylor is a very good-looking woman in her early twenties.  Her hair is worn back in a ponytail and is usually slightly tousled, and on the rare occasions that she cracks a full smile, she looks very surprisingly young.  She is in peak physical condition, having worked out and practiced gymnastics her entire life, and is the physical match of almost any athlete, professional or Olympic.  Her costume consists of a red and white body suit (with a stylized “T” on the chest), with a red jacket, gloves, and boots.  She wears a domino mask, but that’s just a formality, since most people have some idea who she is. 

Other Notes:

Linda’s grandfather, the original Templar, is still alive, as is her maternal grandmother, Beverly Marek, who fought as the Ultimate Nurse during World War II.  Her mother, Catherine, had a brief career as a super-heroine named Wonder Lass.  Linda’s brother, Tom, is three years her junior, and openly resentful of the fact that their father chose Linda to be his heir.


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